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IPERS Employees

Bosch Financial, Inc. assists hundreds of educators across the state of Iowa in regard to their IPERS pension planning.

Discussing ALL 6 Options of Retirement, the pros/cons of each option, and the long term, survivorship benefits related to each option.

To learn more, please call (319) 362-0054 to schedule an appointment to start your Retirement Planning today or click the link below to request an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

Is IPERS Enough?

 IPERS benefits, Social Security and personal savings all play a role in building a secure retirement.

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IPERS Benenfit Calulations

Retirement Benefits are based on a formula which factor in your average income, years under IPERS, and age.

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IPERS Home Page

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IPERS Resources

Please visit the IPERS website below and check our the video library for more information on different topics.